About GraphicsFamily

GraphicsFamily Houses A Huge Collection Of Professional Artworks.
Our family of designers create exclusive design assets and resources such as: logos, illustrations, backgrounds, mock-ups, icons and many others. 99% of them are free graphic resources while only a few are commercial.
GraphicsFamily helps creative professionals from all backgrounds and businesses:
Graphic Designers, Web Design Companies, Social Media Content Producers, Photographers, Art Directors, Freelance Designers, Illustrators,  Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Publishers.
What is the unique value of GraphicsFamily?
Quality is our unique value, revealed especially by the way we decided to show up our logos and other design assets.
Each logo and in general each graphic asset have a unique story behind. For each single logo we usually create catchy business slogans/taglines, a video reveal or presentation and many other logo mock-ups to inspire more. All these things being meant to help and inspire people create a memorable, top-of-mind brand image.
Our stunning logo is tailored with love and passion by one of the most experienced and popular design studio from Indonesia: Acongraphic Studio
Logo concept is clean and it represents two family members: a father and son, showing their love and affection for each other.
Acongraphic Studio is very popular across many digital marketplaces such as: Creative Market, FreePik, Creative Fabrica, Shutterstock being followed by over 20 000 designers around the world, with a portofolio of over 10 000 logos created with over 30 000 sales.
What is our vision?
Building a community of creatives that have joined together with the same vision: Family and Love.
Creative process is not an easy thing and we believe that it must be done from where designers feel most comfortable and inspired. That's why we especially enjoy working remotely, our teams being distributed all around the world.

People love us! Do you know why?

Our reputation stands firmly on our main principle: Premium is FREE, FREE is VIRAL!

Say Hi! to the people behind GraphicsFamily

adi barbu - graphicsfamilyAdi Barbu
With Over 16 Years of Experience in Creating Web Portals and Online Communities, Adi Barbu Developed GraphicsFamily to Provide the World with Best Graphic Resources and to encourage creative designers all over the World to learn, earn, share, and grow.
He provides leadership and vision for GraphicsFamily, and oversees its talented team of digital professionals.
He believes that every piece of Graphic tells a different story, which motivates him to keep striving!
He believes: “We Are Born Free, and We Are Condemned to Be Free.
Believe In FREEDOM!”
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With over 10 years professional graphic design experience under my belt I am an Indonesian based designer, specializing in logo design and branding, I'm able to offer a range of graphic design services, as well as offer help and guidance, allowing your brand to grow.
"Bermimpilah, karena Tuhan akan memeluk mimpi-mimpi itu" (Have your dreams, because God will always embrace it)
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Masyafi Studio

Masyafi Studio
Masyafi Studio is a design studio from Indonesia. Masyafi studio is a design studio that produces various creative digital design products such as Craft, Illustration (Flat & Isometric), Presentation Templates, Icons, and Fonts.
Masyafi Studio


Designer Hamza
With a great experience of Graphic Designing, I am Hamza.
I have worked on many logo designs, websites, Tshirts artworks, stationary and all other designing and I always want to accomplish customer satisfaction with my best, creative & quality work.
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Zahra Batool Butt

Zahra Batool Butt
Content Writer Owner of Contwre - a team of Professional and Certified Content Creators
A quality content writer, blogger, and poet. Influencer, traveler, and an environmentalist. She  wants to help the world, and it's people through the powerful tool of writing. She is a writer by nature, passion, and profession.
With a Degree in English Language and Literature, she has been crafting Exquisite and Engaging Content for over 7 years for multiple brands, companies, and publishing agencies. With over a dozen books, hundreds of web-copies, and stories, plus thousands of articles and blogs, she helps GraphicsFamily to Groom and become the #1 Creative Marketplace in the World.
“I love to photograph the creation of the creator that is made to be cherished by us. Think and Know.”
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hass hasibHass Hassib
Owner of Hass Hassib Youtube Channel with over 130 000 subscribers. My channel is where I share all my skills on Adobe Photoshop Graphic Designs:
* Photo Manipulation * Photo Effects * Color Effects * Blend & Retouching * Graphic Design * Print Design
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Milon KhanMilon Khan
Owner of Logo Maker M Youtube Channel a great place where beginners and advanced designers learn how to design a logo from A to Z.
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Abul Monsur
Expert Graphic Design with a huge experience in tutorials.
Owner of Graphic Island Youtube channel having over 290 000 subscribers and over 800 useful video tutorials.
Also expert in Logo Design, Business Cards, Letterheads, Banners, flyers, brochures, Logo recreation, Book covers, Envelope designs, Product designs and social media cover images.
We will remember Abul Monsur not for the sadness of his passing, but for the joy and inspiration he brought to our lives through his beautiful and creative designs. His legacy will live on through the art he has left behind, and in the hearts of those who knew and loved him.

Arif HossainArif Hossain
Owner of Shobuj Graphics Youtube Channel with a total of over 15000 subscribers and 600 video tutorials made.
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Nanang KasimanNanang Kasiman
One of the most talented Graphic Designers from Indonesia in designing Mascots and Esports Logos. Owner of Visink Design Studio.
With a portfolio of over 800 Logos, Visink Design Studio is active on over 10 digital marketplaces around the web.

yusuf-sangdesYusuf Sangdes
Expert Graphic Designer and Brand Consultant from Makassar, Indonesia.
With an experience of over 12 years his portfolio has over 4000 graphic resources created already with a total of over 2 000 000 downloads. He is one of the best Indonesian designers and we are very grateful to have him in our team.
"If it doesn’t sell; it isn’t creative."
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Sumon YousufSumon Yousuf
Owner of Logo Quick Youtube Channel offering great logo tutorials.
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Raheel AhmadRaheel Ahmad
Owner of Fanky Design Youtube Channel with over 20 000 subscribers.
My pleasure is to help other people create cool stuff by sharing tips, inspiration and resources to fuel creative passion.
I am really happy when other people use my templates from my tutorials.
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Arun KumarArun Kumar
Owner of EYMOCKUP.com offering great logo mockups.
Leading a team of professional designers committed to developing superior but affordable graphics design products. We are proud of every one of our mock-ups and hope that you love them too!
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Roman Mahmud
Roman Mahmud
Professional Graphic designer with over three years experience. I design Professional business cards, flyer, Brochure, Logo design and Photoshop your images professionally.
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GraphicsFamily Hardware & Infrastructure

GraphicsFamily Hardware Infrastructure

Our website is currently hosted on a powerful dedicated server with: 4 x 10 Core Xeon E7-4870 2.4GHz, 128 GB DDR3, RAID controller

- Unlimited SSD storage;

- Unlimited bandwidth;

- Unlimited number of downloads/ Unlimited Traffic;

- 24/7 Support for our community members;

- 24/7 Monitoring;

- High-speed access to all files;

- 100% Safe .zip files with regular Malware Scanning.

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