Logo & Branding Guidelines

Downloads & Media Kit - Grab our official GraphicsFamily brand resources and learn about usage guidelines. Please review the correct and incorrect usage examples below.




Illustrator (.AI), .EPS file, .PDF file, .SVG file
These types of files are vector files and they allow graphics to be resized at any scale without losing quality.
.PNG file
A transparent background .PNG file allows our logo to be placed on different backgrounds as needed.


Metropolis Black and Metropolis Light



👌 You should...

✅ Use the GraphicsFamily logo to link to GraphicsFamily.
✅ Use these graphics when mentioning GraphicsFamily in an article, in a blog post or news article about GraphicsFamily.
✅ Use the GraphicsFamily logo to advertise your products, shop or profile on GraphicsFamily.

👎 You shouldn't...

🔴 Use the GraphicsFamily logo to brand your own website or application.
🔴 Use the the individual words "Graphics" and "Family" in other scale ratios or lock-up.
🔴 Create/Use a modified version of the GraphicsFamily.com logo.

Thanks for your interest in using the GraphicsFamily logo and / or icon.

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