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Logo Design Showcase Solution. Done right. Download FREE .psd source file now!
Free Reception Desk Mockup : Logo Design Showcase for Online Success.
Freelancer-Logo-Free Reception Desk Mockup
Hello Creative Logo Artist,
We invite you to pick our new Reception Desk Photoshop mockup to achieve a grandeur logo design appearance and to impress your clients.

How to use:

– Download the free .zip file by clicking the DOWNLOAD button;
– Open the Free-Reception-Desk-Mockup.psd file using Adobe Photoshop CS6 or a newer version;
– Double click the layer named [YOUR DESIGN HERE];
– Import or drag&drop your logo and click SAVE;
– Return to the main .psd edit window.
That’s all!Behance-Logo-Free Reception Desk Mockup

Nothing less than the perfect logo design presentation to impress your clients.


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Logo design is intelligence made visible.


Taking your logo design to the next level.


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