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A brilliant way to improve your logo appearance! Generate more sales for your logo designs!
Hello Creative Logo Designer,
This is a free Logo Design Preview Image Generator with a lot of features created to showcase your logo designs in a professional way.
We guarantee you that it is the first and the only one existing on the internet.

Get a Logo Design Presentation That Boosts Sales

Where can you use the Logo Preview Image generated using this mockup?
When you want to sell a logo, you try to submit it to a digital marketplace like: graphicriver, creativemarket, shutterstock and so on but you must follow all the formatting guides while creating the templates and you probably noticed how strict their submission guidelines are.
GraphicsFamily Logo Preview Image Generator will help you create a professional image preview for your logo creations. Probably the best of all!

Do you know what all the logo designs with the highest number of sales have in common?

Here’s their secret: It is the logo presentation that boosts the number of sales. A perfect logo showcase will surely drive new customers your way!

A brilliant way to improve your logo appearance!

You may also use this Logo Preview Image Generator to present your logo designs to your audience. It is the most complete layered mockup for creating the perfect logo design presentation.
You may change absolutely everything because the layers are grouped and named accordingly to what they contain so you can easily figure out what to edit.
Customers will see the logo clearly because the preview image includes a plain version of the design.
Logo Preview Image Generator includes 6 other logo mockups:
1. GraphicFamily’s most successful logo mockup: 3D Glass Logo Mockup
2. T-Shirt and Tag Mockup
3. Business Card Mockup
4. Application Icons Mockup

5. Sketch Logo Mockup

6. Paper Logo Mockup

How to use it:

1. It is fully editable and it will take you around 10 seconds to apply it to your logo. Simply download the .zip file by clicking the DOWNLOAD button.
2. Use 7Zip to unzip it in a separate folder.
3. Double click the .PSD file and open it using Adobe Photoshop CS6 or a newer version.
4. Locate the first layer named: “YOUR LOGO HERE” and double click its small icon to open the smart object.
5. Drag&drop the .png transparent version of your logo, place it in the center of the canvas and then click SAVE.
6. Return to the main window where you edit the .psd file and you may now see your logo applied nicely everywhere.
7. Export the image as .jpeg and you’re ready to submit it wherever you want or to show it to your audience.

Add a professional and impressive look to your logo design!

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Free Logo Preview Image Generator

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