Black and White Store Logo Mockup

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Black and White Store Logo Mockup
If you want to make a lasting impression with your logo designs, look no further than the “Black and White Store Logo Mockup” from GraphicsFamily. This ultra-high-resolution mockup is perfect for displaying your company’s logo on top of a building, offering a striking combination of white illuminated 3D letters and black realistic 3D borders. It’s a standout choice for presenting outdoor branding or typography-based logo designs, with customizable elements to give your presentation a unique edge.

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Black and White Store Logo Mockup by GraphicsFamily

Key Features:
High-Definition Display: The mockup comes with ultra-high resolution, ensuring every detail of your logo is sharp and clear, even when displayed at a large scale on a building.
Realistic 3D Effects: The white illuminated letters add depth and dimension, while the black realistic 3D borders create a bold contrast that makes your logo pop.
Ideal for Typography-Based Logos: This mockup works exceptionally well with single-color logo designs. Insert your design into the smart object, and watch it transform into a captivating 3D display.
Thousands of Free Mockups
GraphicsFamily offers thousands of free professional logo mockups, making it easy for you to find the perfect setting to showcase your work. Whether you’re presenting to a client, creating a portfolio, or entering a design contest, these mockups give you the tools to create stunning and convincing presentations without breaking the bank.

What Are Logo Mockups?

Logo mockups are visual representations of logo designs in real-world contexts. They allow designers to visualize how a logo would look on different surfaces, helping them make informed decisions about design, size, and placement. Created with software like Adobe Photoshop, logo mockups are invaluable for showcasing designs to clients or stakeholders, providing a practical and impactful way to bring your concepts to life.

Why Are Logo Mockups Important?

Logo mockups are essential because they offer a glimpse into the real-world application of a design. This can be a game-changer for designers looking to:
Get Client Approval: A well-presented mockup can be the key to winning a client’s confidence, showing them how the logo will look in a realistic setting.
Refine Design Choices: Mockups allow you to test different variations, ensuring your logo looks great across various platforms, from buildings to business cards.
Create Compelling Presentations: By using mockups, you can craft presentations that are visually engaging and resonate with your audience.

Tips for Using Mockups in Presentations

Select Relevant Contexts: Choose mockups that align with your client’s industry or your design’s theme. For example, if you’re presenting a logo for a tech company, use mockups that depict modern settings and technology-related elements.
Use High-Quality Images: Ensure your mockup is sharp, in focus, and has good lighting. This enhances the overall quality of your presentation.
Experiment with Customization: Take advantage of features like changing the sky color to create unique and memorable presentations that stand out.

Types of Logo Mockups

GraphicsFamily provides a wide range of mockups, allowing you to experiment with various settings and styles. Common types include:
Building and Storefront Mockups: Ideal for presenting outdoor signage.
Office and Wall Mockups: Perfect for indoor branding.
Stationery and Business Card Mockups: Great for showcasing how your logo will appear on printed materials.
T-Shirt and Apparel Mockups: For displaying your logo on clothing and merchandise.


The “Black and White Store Logo Mockup” with white illuminated 3D letters and black realistic 3D borders is a versatile and visually striking tool for designers. It’s perfect for impressing clients, winning design contests, or creating compelling portfolio presentations. With its high resolution, customizable elements, and realistic 3D effects, this mockup will help you take your logo design presentations to the next level.
How to use the mockup .PSD file:
1. Download the free .zip file from GraphicsFamily page and unzip it in a folder.
2. Double click the .PSD source file
3. Locate the layer named [YOUR LOGO HERE] and double click it to edit.
4. Drag and drop your .PNG transparent image of your design, icon or simply add a new text you wish to appear on the surface.
5. Resize and center the design and save the smart layer.
6. Your design is now appearing on the surface and you can export the design by clicking: CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+S
Good luck with sales and happy clients!
Black and White Store Logo Mockup Features:
– 100% Customizable.
– High Quality
– Fully Layered Mockup Template.
– .PSD (Source File)
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