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January 12, 2024| GraphicsFamily
MultCloud is a service that lets you control several (dozens) cloud drives from a single, straightforward interface. The service was created in 2013 by the AOMEI Technology company. They provide a system that merges all of your cloud storage providers into a single platform, allowing you to access your data more easily. This is cross-platform web solution.
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MultCloud allows you to use a single software to manage and perform cloud-to-cloud transfer and synchronization with your preferred cloud storage providers. It simplifies file transfer by leveraging copy/paste or synchronization between two cloud servers. This outstanding cloud service will handle any data transmission for you, so you do not need to be online at all times.
The features are:
  • Cloud-to-Cloud Sync
MultCloud allows you to do cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-folder, or folder-to-cloud sync to backup files between cloud storage without switching from one cloud account to another. In addition to data in cloud drives, you may back up your MySQL database to alternative internet storage, such as FTP, to safeguard it from sudden calamities.
What's more, you can also schedule these procedures to run once, daily, weekly, or monthly. Otherwise, once syncing is enabled, MultCloud will function in near-instantaneous sync mode. Meaning it offers continuous synchronization and backups of your files and folders.
  • Cloud-to-Cloud Transfer
The "cloud transfer" tab lets you choose the directory from which you wish to move files and the target directory for the transfer. There are several choices for fine-tuning how you want this to be done, such as what to do with duplicate files (which can be replaced if the time of creation or size does not match), renamed files, or skipped-over files.
You can use this feature to transfer, migrate, or relocate folders and files, such as documents, images, or videos, or even a whole cloud, from one cloud drive to another by simply selecting the source and destination in the source and destination selection windows.
  • Security Protocol
MultCloud is a fantastic solution for anyone who manages several accounts. But what about safety? The submitted files are encrypted using SSL encryption and the AES-256 protocol by the service. It connects to all of your cloud accounts without requiring a login and password, providing you with adequate security against several online dangers.
MultCloud, in practice, just acts as a conduit between cloud accounts. The data that you want to send using MultCloud is securely stored in the source and target cloud services but not in MultCloud. MultCloud's 256-bit AES Encryption efficiently protects your data from being tampered with, intercepted, or cracked.
  • Provides support for multiple cloud drives.
  • Offers a generous free plan.
  • Synchronization of two folders from any drive.
  • Convenient cloud explorer- you can use it as your device's file manager.
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All things considered, MultCloud is a great cloud-to-cloud transfer and sync tool that enables you to connect all of your cloud storage accounts in one location. It provides you flexibility over how you manage your cloud files, allows data movement from one cloud storage app to another, and facilitates one-way and two-way synchronization across various cloud storage providers.
For individuals who use several cloud drives, MultCloud is a fantastic option because it makes managing them simple. However, if your security and privacy are important to you (for free), consider alternative options.

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