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Sticky Password Review


Sticky Password stores all of your login information securely and creates fresh, strong, and unique passwords to help safeguard your accounts. Sticky Password handles the essential responsibilities of a password manager quite efficiently.
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StickyPassword offers a comprehensive solution for teams, businesses, and family members with its subscription plans. The company provides secure password management for teams, allowing businesses to protect their accounts effectively. With features such as sharing passwords and logins securely, granting and managing access, setting permissions, and incorporating Dark Web Monitoring for added security controls, StickyPassword ensures businesses can bring their accounts under control. The platform promotes good password habits across the organization, enhancing employee productivity. Through Dark Web Monitoring, the system validates employees' credentials against databases of known leaked usernames/passwords. Additionally, businesses can grant access to team and company accounts with absolute security and control, set individual permissions, and easily edit or remove access. StickyPassword guarantees ongoing access for authorized colleagues to company accounts, providing protection in case of emergencies. Users can conveniently access shared passwords on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, anytime and anywhere
Sticky Password includes several high security and other features, some of which are as follows:
  • Autofill, the Security Dashboard, and Your Digital Wallet
Sticky Password's browser plugin provides login and forms autofill. Furthermore, you will always be able to autofill information if it is relevant to a certain field.
Sticky Password allows credit card autofill via your digital wallet in addition to addresses and passwords. Credit cards are recorded alongside your IDs so that you can keep track of both your invoicing and payment information in one place.
The finest feature is the security dashboard. Although not a novel concept — Dashlane offers a superior security dashboard; however, Sticky Password's implementation functions brilliantly as well. The security dashboard analyzes your password storage for any weak or outdated passwords and combines them to create an overall security score.
  • Password Manager
Sticky Password stores passwords in two different tabs: Web Accounts and App Accounts. Logins for online accounts are stored on the Web Accounts page, while logins for apps and programs on your PC are stored in the App Accounts tab.
Moreover, it's quite amazing that you can click Launch next to each login, which quickly launches the app or website and automatically signs you in - something that other brands, such as 1Password, do not provide.
  • Shareable Logins
You can also share logins using the Sticky Password Premium subscription. Sticky Password, on the other hand, goes beyond simple sharing. You can send several items to many recipients at the same time and choose different degrees of access. Although there are just two tiers, "restricted" and "full," having a few sharing choices is still helpful.
Limited sharing allows users to only use the password; they cannot alter, share, or revoke your access to it, whereas full sharing allows users to have the same rights as you in addition to being able to update, share, and remove your access to the shared password.
Sticky Password's sharing option is nice, but it isn't as robust as the sharing capabilities of other password managers - Dashlane, for example, allows you to exchange safe notes and files with several users at once.
  • Passwords can be synced across different devices by using Sticky password.
  • Offers an amazing free plan.
  • Keeps track of application passwords.
  • Comes in with high-security features like AES-256.
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Sticky Password delivers everything you'd expect from a password manager with very important features:
Emergency Access (Digital Inheritance):
- Sticky Password offers a feature called Emergency Access, which is essentially digital inheritance for managing your passwords.
- Users can designate trusted individuals who will be granted access to their passwords in case of an emergency or an unexpected event.
Dark Web Monitoring:
- Sticky Password provides Dark Web Monitoring as a service to its users.
- This service helps users stay informed about potential security threats by monitoring the dark web for any compromised credentials associated with their accounts.
These features contribute to the overall security and convenience of using Sticky Password as a password manager. Users can have peace of mind knowing their digital assets are safeguarded through digital inheritance, and they can receive alerts if their credentials are found on the dark web, helping them take timely actions to secure their accounts.
Overall, Sticky Password covers all the fundamentals of password management while also including a handful of truly helpful bonus features. If you need something safe, straightforward, and easy to use, this is a fantastic, low-cost password manager.

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