Sports Jersey Texture Logo Mockup

High quality jersey texture to present your creative logos! Only $5!

Sports Jersey Texture Logo Mockup
This is a high quality sports jersey texture to showcase your logo designs and mascots created for your clients.
The most important elements for a sports club are: its mascot/logo and team’s equipment colors. Show your logo, emblem or mascot using this stylish jersey texture to impress your audience.
How to edit:
Download the .zip file and unzip it in a folder. Open the .PSD file using Adobe Photoshop CS6 or a newer version and double click the smart layer named “Your logo design here”.
Import your logo design in a new layer and remove any other unnecessary layer. Click SAVE.
Return to the window where you edit the main .PSD file and you may now see your logo applied on the nice jersey texture.
Play a little bit with the effects to make it look better. Adapt the jersey’s texture color to the ones used in the logo.
That’s all!

Showcase your logo designs in a simple yet professional way.

Juventus Sports Jersey Texture Logo Mockup

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