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GPS Utility


GPS utility is a type of software that helps users to accurately and quickly determine their geographical location. GPS (Global Positioning System) utility utilizes a network of satellites orbiting Earth to provide users with accurate location information. With the help of GPS utility, users can easily determine their exact location on a map.
GPS utility can be very useful for a wide range of
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applications such as navigation, tracking, and rescue operations. Navigation features such as turn-by-turn directions, speed limit information, and other real-time traffic updates are especially useful for people who are driving or traveling to unfamiliar places. It can also be used to monitor the movement of vehicles, people, or other objects in real-time.
GPS Utility is a highly advanced software application that is used by individuals and organizations to track and manage their GPS assets. It provides users with an array of features that enable them to keep track of their assets, manage their fleet, and ensure compliance with safety regulations. The features of GPS Utility are both comprehensive and user-friendly.


The features are:
  • Powerful Mapping
GPS Utility allows users to manage their GPS assets in real-time. It has a powerful mapping interface that allows users to view their assets on a range of maps, such as Google Maps, Open Street Map, and Bing Maps. This feature enables users to easily identify their assets and access detailed information, such as location, speed, direction, and altitude. GPS Utility also offers advanced tracking and monitoring capabilities, which allow users to monitor their assets and track their performance in real-time.
Furthermore, it also provides users with detailed reports, which enable them to analyze their asset’s performance and make informed decisions.
  • Privacy and Security
GPS Utility also offers users a range of security features, enabling them to secure their assets and prevent unauthorized access. It has a secure login system, which allows users to set up multiple user accounts, each with its unique user credentials. Furthermore, it provides users with the ability to set up geofences, which inform them when an asset enters or leaves a specific area. This feature helps users to keep their assets safe and secure.
  • Reporting Features
GPS Utility also provides users with powerful reporting features, which enable them to generate customized reports and analyze their asset’s performance. These reports can be used to identify potential issues and identify areas where improvements can be made. Furthermore, GPS Utility also allows users to set up automatic alerts, which inform them when certain conditions are met. This feature enables users to stay informed and keep their assets safe and secure.
  • Keeps you updated about your location.
  • Allows you to focus on driving and not searching for your destination.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Updates available.
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GPS Utility is the ultimate application for quickly and easily manipulating GPS data. With its simple one-page layout and intuitive controls, you can take control of your GPS data in no time. Plus, it only costs a few dollars, giving you great value for money.

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