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December 18, 2022| GraphicsFamily
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Images Generator is simple graphics software that offers cool extras such as 3D shapes, transparency settings, and custom templates. This allows you to design various graphics whether you are an expert or just starting in the field. It has a raster image technology that lets you create cartoons, give awesome effects to whatever you are designing.
Images Generator offers a large number of graphic tools and filters to give images a little something extra. With this photo generator, you can create different buttons, icons, banners, and animations quickly and effectively.
ProsBest Software Award by GraphicsFamily
  • Easy interface
  • Multiple options for tools
  • Numerous features and filters
  • Slightly outdated
User-Friendly Interface
The interface for Images Generator is a fairly easy one to understand, with no need for tutorials or videos explaining what it is. Once you open the program, you will be given a column on the left side of the window where you can see the available tools and modification contents that the software has. From there, it is a basic setup where you can choose to edit, remove, undo and save through the toolbar.
The interface resembles MS Paint with well-planned features in addition to the icons on the toolbar. It also has a Photoshop-style toolbar that gives you tools to help figure out the tip and width of your design. The palette is also visible on the toolbar, which is a nice touch since it makes color sampling easier. Additionally, it is perfectly compatible with Wacom tablets, which enables you to make whatever designs you like.
The latest update allows for more tools, resulting in a perfect image. You can benefit from an enhanced interface, which comes with an option to remove any defects within the image and to get rid of sharp color transitions or unwanted spots. There are two new tools, both of which help with drawing volumetric and multicolor lines, which are great for making banners.
The program also comes with unlimited shape templates so you can use different sizes, proportions, and styles. You can also combine templates that you like and create a new one to test your imagination. Images Generator can also be used for storage for things such as specific shapes, hieroglyphs, symbols, etc. This feature is great if you want to create cards, banners, or colorful ads.
Suitable for Professionals
The Images Generator software is appropriate for use in engineering projects. It has a 3D feature that allows you to build 3D models for engineering or mathematics. It is also a great tool for textile designers and graphic artists as it comes with painted ornaments, designs, patterns, and drawings for you to use or get inspiration from.
Overall, the Images Generator software is a great tool for Windows Vista and over. It is worth downloading because it provides its users with nearly endless visual effects that they can use to create models, graphics, designs, and patterns, respective to their professions. So, whether you are a beginner in the industry or a seasoned architect, designer, or developer; this software is a must-have tool because of its capabilities and graphic packages. It is a great tool for novice users and professionals alike.

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Best Software Award by GraphicsFamily
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