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December 18, 2022| GraphicsFamily
JPEGcrop DownloadThe JPEGcrop software was created to act as a reliable crop feature for JPEG images. It is a decent application to help with adjusting your pictures and images and cropping them to the right size. Now, it has developed into a completely new user interface and a replacement for JPEGTran. It has the same features but is a vastly improved version.
JPEGcrops download also comes with other, different features that are focused on image optimization and transformation. This means that instead of exclusively cropping images, you can rotate them, and view them in detail before you decide what part you wish to crop.
ProsBest Software Award by GraphicsFamily
  • Very fast
  • Separate option for cropping photos
  • Doesn’t offer previews of cropped images
Easy to Install
JPEGcrop is a portable software, so you do not have to install and save it on the device that you are using. You can simply put it in a removable device and use its features through that. Additionally, if you remove the software, it leaves nothing behind on your computer.
User-Friendly Interface
The interface for JPEGcrop is very friendly for first-time users. You can work through a standard window, where you can upload pictures into the software by using either the drag and drop option or the file browser. Once you have selected your photo, since it doesn’t allow you to use more than one at a time, you can zoom in to see the details in the photos you wish to remove or keep. Once you have decided, you can either trim the edges of the image or crop it, depending on what you think works best. It also lets you use greyscale and save pictures while you have them zoomed in.
Low Use of System Resources
JPEGcrop resize is also a good option if you do not want overwhelmingly strong software for cropping your pictures. Since it has a moderate to low system usage, you benefit from a quick response time and faster changes to your images. This is also a great feature for this software because it doesn’t crash or freeze during usage, and though first-time users will need a little bit of time to adjust to it, JPEGcrop’s features mark its worth.
Easy to Use
JPEGcrop enables users to crop and adjust handfuls of pictures quickly and efficiently. Though this doesn’t mean that they will all be changed simultaneously, you will configure various cropping areas for each picture, according to what you want. The app then runs them and separately crops them to your specifications. The software also offers you different aspect ratios and saves and renames your original files so you don’t lose them.
JPEGcrop is slightly older software for specifically cropping images to the size that users want, and doesn’t have a preview option. However, because of its small size and quick operating system, it makes for a suitable option when it comes to cropping programs for your desktop.

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Best Software Award by GraphicsFamily
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