Photo Resizer Pro – Resize your favorite photos and add various filters

January 7, 2023| GraphicsFamily
Photo Resizer Pro
Photo Resizer Pro does exactly what its name suggests: it allows you to resize your images. It can be utilized by anyone, regardless of their degree of expertise. Let us dive deeper into what this software has to offer:
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Using this image resizer is a breeze thanks to the uncluttered user interface. The "drag and drop" method is not supported, so images can only be added to the list by using the file browser. Batches are allowed to be processed.
In terms of image processing power and functionality, Photo Resizer Pro is a fantastic tool that can help you manage a large number of images with ease. With just a single click, you can resize, crop, and alter your photographs.
Finalizing your work without making mistakes is easier when you have a preview of both your original image and your finished product to look at. The finest aspect of the application is that you can retrieve all the information about your input photographs, such as their dimensions, colors, width, height, and source path.
Professional photographers and web designers will appreciate the program's red-eye reduction and EXIF data editor functions, among other tools.
Adjust Hues and Effects
Aside from removing image comments, Photo Resizer Pro may also be used to customize image settings (such as the image filter, colors, and quality), specify the destination folder and file names, add watermarks or frames, and do other tasks.
You can also use image effects (such as emboss, blur, and edges), rotate and flip photos, alter contrast and brightness levels, erase red-eye, switch to grayscale, and much more. You can frame several photographs in a matter of seconds, and you can also use your own creative frames.
The image resizer also allows you to add comments, watermarks, text, and shapes to your images. Using this tool, you can adjust your photographs' RGB color settings and brightness.
Although it uses only a small amount of storage space, the image processing program is easy to use, contains an illustrated walkthrough for new users, is lightning-fast in its reaction time and ability to get a job done, all while maintaining high-quality images before and after the conversion process.
This tool is an excellent image resizer because it comes with a built-in picture converter and editor as well as some excellent special effects. If you have Photo Resizer Pro downloaded and installed, you may not need any further software to manage your images. We have not encountered any problems during our testing. If you can get past the archaic look and feel, we highly suggest Photo Resizer Pro to everyone.

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