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January 7, 2023| GraphicsFamily
CaptureWizPro by PixelMetrics is a useful software that allows you to capture parts of your screen quickly and easily, such as drop-down menus, scrolling pages, and screensavers, that the standard PrintScreen feature cannot always capture.
The software lets you capture drop-down menu items, scroll boxes that do not show their entire information all at once, multiple displays, and even a single display out of multiples on a multi-display system. In a nutshell, it is a premier program.
Versatile Area-Targeting SoftwareBest Software Award by GraphicsFamily
All three options for Capture WizPro's full-screen capture command are capable of handling multiple screens. Alternatively, you can set it to only capture the primary display, ask for the specified display to capture or capture an image on all monitors simultaneously. The software is equipped with a tool for taking screenshots of Windows 8 Metro applications.
One of CaptureWiz Pro's coolest features is the ability to modify the buttons and hotkeys. The Output Toolbar can be skipped, for instance. To capture and save a window in one click, simply change the Area button's destination from ‘Ask’ to ‘Save’. Then all it takes is a single click to capture a window.
The software can take a screenshot of any section of your screen and save it in one of several formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF, with indicators for each. This allows you to make informed decisions about which format to employ, as JPG is not ideal for text images, and BMP, with its enormous uncompressed content, can be unsuitable for Internet use.
You will see that the cursor changes to a crosshair when you click the Area button. Any window, portion of a window, or the whole screen can be selected by simply dragging it across the screen. Any time you click on it, it will take a picture of what is now being selected. If nothing is selected, you can also click and drag to construct an area. To capture the area you have defined, simply release the button.
Furthermore, you can specify what you want to capture so that the application knows how to respond. You can record a specific area of the desktop, full-screen applications, scroll-down pages, movies and audio files, and Metro-style applications. CaptureWizPro will automatically choose the best settings to snap the desired area or window.
Easy-to-Use Image Editor
An image editor is included in the software so you can make minor adjustments to your snapshots before saving them. Images can be rotated and flipped horizontally or vertically. You can also reduce the size of the output file by inverting colors or resizing the image. Any screenshot can be printed or emailed in a matter of minutes.
In addition to taking screenshots, CaptureWizPro lets you modify and save them in a variety of different formats. A blur command in the integrated editor and the ability to instantly publish your images to a compatible website are the only key features that CaptureWizPro lacks. But when it comes to taking screenshots, CaptureWiz Pro does an excellent job. There are no learning curves, and it is quite flexible.

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