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January 7, 2023| GraphicsFamily
Iobit-Smart-Defrag by IObitSmart Defrag enhances the performance of your Windows PC for a variety of desktop tasks, including gaming, streaming, and web surfing. Developed by the same team as Advanced IObit Uninstaller, System Care, and Driver Booster, Smart Defrag promises to get your PC in shape by decreasing the degree of file fragmentation. Here’s a deeper dive into its features:
A User-Friendly and Uncluttered GUIBest Software Award by GraphicsFamily
Smart Defrag's user interface is both sophisticated and intuitive, making it suitable for a wide range of users with varying levels of computer expertise.
Four tabs offer access to the program's major features: disc defragmentation, boot time defragmentation, game optimization, and action center. The menu is where you will find all of the settings for the app. You can, for example, alter the transparency of the main window.
In the main app window, you can see all the drives that are available for defragmentation and/or analysis, as well as some information about them, such as free space and total size. It is also possible to add a single file or folder and defrag both Windows 8 programs and video games.
This software comes with a free version, which is sure to please the majority of users. It allows you to access all the notable features for zero cost. However, there are still a few unavailable options. When utilizing Boot Time Defrag, you can't, for example, utilize the Auto Defrag program or defragment the registry or custom files. To get beyond these limitations and use the entire product, you will have to purchase Smart Defrag 7 Pro.
Various Defrag Modes and Results
Smart Defrag offers defragmentation that is performed automatically, at boot time, or on a scheduled date. Besides that, it can be configured to shut down the computer, put it to sleep, hibernate, or reboot when it completes a task.
An automatic defragmentation method is one that begins when a drive has been left idle for some time, and it takes a break if the number of resources it consumes is more than a certain threshold.
Defragmenting files that cannot be securely moved while Windows is active is performed by Boot Time Defrag. If you don't like to be bothered by defrags, you can set them to run automatically. It is also possible to exclude files and directories that you don't want to be examined or defragmented.
After the defragmentation is complete, you will see a summary of all the files and directories on your computer, as well as the overall time it took to defragment them all.
Everything considered Smart Defrag is an excellent disc defragmenting software for Windows users. It has a slew of defragmentation modes built-in, all of which are explained in great detail in the included help file.
Even so, you should avoid doing anything on your computer while Smart Defrag 7 is in the middle of a process because you could mess up the results. The Smart Defrag UI is also available in a variety of languages.

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