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February 8, 2023| GraphicsFamily
WipeFreeSpace is a program that can be used to permanently delete all data from a user's free disk space. It's an effective program for deleting all traces of deleted files from a hard disk, which helps users preserve their privacy and preventBest Software Award by GraphicsFamily data retrieval from erased files. The program has an intuitive interface and other capabilities that make safely wiping vacant space on a hard disk simple.
To remove data permanently, Wipe Free Space uses a random data generator to repeatedly overwrite the empty space on a hard disk. The program offers many safe deletion options, including DoD 5220.22-M, Gutmann, and Random Data, for clearing off disk space.
The features include: 
  • Wiping Methods
Wipe Free Space includes a variety of wiping methods, such as DoD 5220.22-M, Gutmann, and Random Data. These wiping methods can be used to securely erase the free space on a hard drive by overwriting the free space with random data, making it impossible to recover any previously deleted files.
  • Integration with other tools
Wipe Free Space can be integrated with other tools, which makes it easy to access the software's features and securely erase free space on a hard drive. This feature allows users to right-click on a hard drive and select the "Wipe Free Space" option to quickly and easily wipe the free space on the selected hard drive.
  • Support for Multiple Devices
The software supports multiple devices, including hard drives, USB drives, and memory cards. This feature allows users to securely erase the free space on multiple devices, ensuring that all traces of deleted files are erased from all connected devices.
  • Wiping Report
Wipe Free Space also provides a wiping report, this feature allows users to view a detailed log of all wiping tasks, including the date and time, wiping method used, and the status of the task. This feature is useful for users who want to keep track of all wiping tasks and ensure that all free space has been securely erased. 
Pros and Cons
  • Provides various wiping methods for secure erasure of free space.
  • Allows for scheduling of wiping tasks for automation.
  • Integration with other tools for easy access.
  • Supports multiple devices including hard drives, USB drives and memory cards.
  • Provides a detailed wiping report for keeping track of the tasks.
  • Help users to protect their privacy by erasing all traces of deleted files.
  • Prevent data recovery from previously deleted files.
  • Some wiping methods may take a long time to complete.
  • The software may not work with all types of hard drives or file systems.
  • Some users may find the interface to be too basic.
  • May not be suitable for professional use. 
Best Software Award by GraphicsFamily 5 StarsWipe Free Space is a potent program that safely deletes unused storage space on a computer's hard disk. Users who care about their privacy might benefit from this program by permanently wiping any traces of deleted files from their hard disk. The program has a simple interface and many useful functions.

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