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November 18, 2022| GraphicsFamily
GOMPLAYER_video_playerGOM Player is known because of its ability to read broken files and find missing codecs using a codec finder. It is a high-quality player, most prominently used in Korea, and was first popular because it played multiple file formats, including damaged ones. However, it was the 360 and VR support that boosted it to an international platform.
Though it has a slightly peculiar interface, GOM Player can easily become your format once you get past it. The software can read just about any video files, such as mpg, 3gp/3gp2, ogm., mkv, ts, Avi, WMV, MOV, rm/rmvb, mp4, dat, m4v, ASX, DivX, VOB, Flv, ifo, and provide codec support.
ProsEditors Pick Award by GraphicsFamily
  • Ability to play all media files
  • Fills in missing codes for files
  • Reads 360 and VR format
  • Subtitles are easily available
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Difficult to install
  • Comes with additional installations and junk files
  • Challenging interface
GOM Player Interface
Though the interface is simple, it is difficult in terms of accessibility. The essential buttons such as those that control playback are available, however, if you wish to change the sound or other settings, you will have to navigate through the menu. Tools like the graphics equalizer are available, but slightly difficult to find, which causes frustration, but once you move past that, the application is great. It comes with customizable skins, which means that you can change the theme to your preference, too.
GOM Support
The GOM media player supports all popular media formats, so it is the go-to application for rare or difficult files. It also comes with a mobile application known as the GOM Remote, which you can use to control your desktop from a distance instead of sitting at the desk.
Handy, Built-in Codecs
Once you have gone past the installation, you can access just about any format to play. GOM Player lets you watch movies, series and listen to music without having to worry about broken or damaged files stopping halfway. The best part is that whether you have a Mac or Windows, the application works the same and you can get an uninterrupted experience without worrying about missing or faulty subtitles. Since the software had a built-in codec finder that locates and completes the codes within the files, GOM Player seamlessly works to ensure a continuous playing of your movie or show.
One of the best features of GOM Player is the auto-inject database for subtitles. Once the video is played, all you need to do is click on and select your chosen subtitle and it will insert it after you press ‘Apply’.
VR and 3D Footage
Since the GOM Player is made for 64bit, you will get the highest resolution and quality possible. It also offers you the option of playing VR and 3D videos, all while it supports a range of files and is constantly looking for and fixing any damaged or missing file types.
GOM Player is a very capable media player that works well and will likely continue to do so. Apart from the unintuitive interface, and unwanted programs, the GOM Player is a great option once you get past the initial challenge.

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