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October 18, 2022| GraphicsFamily
ImagesSXM is a tool for image analysis, programmed for specialized scanning of microscopic images. It was established from the public domain software known as NIH Image, now renamed ImageJ, of the National Institutes of Health. As it evolved, it extended its use to handing the scanning for images at a microscale.
It gets its name from its ability to scan and examine SxM images, which include, SLM, SNOM, SPM, STM, SAM, SCM, SEM, and SFM.
Editors Pick Award by GraphicsFamily
  • Improved changes to Macro to help
    differentiate between stacks
  • Modification to VVG Stain Analysis algorithm, used for elastin and collagen so it fits smaller images
  • astrophotography image processing routine available
  • 90° clockwise rotation for raw SNOM images
  • Doesn’t support XXX. Format files
  • Not available on Windows/PC/Linux/DOS
  • No source code for public domain
  • No version for Intel Macs
ImageSXM is software used for processing and analyzing images within a scientific microscope. It was developed from the ImageJ software and had been under constant change since 1997, as the creators take advice from users and add features accordingly.
It supports ‘stacks’, which are a series of images within one window. ImagesSXM can pixel and area value stats for selections defined by its users and of intensity threshold objects. It can also measure angles and distances, create line profile plots and density histograms. ImageSXM supports a standard image procession function that expands to arithmetical and logical operations between the images, Fourier Analysis, Convolution, sharpening, smoothening, median filtering, contrast manipulation, and edge detection.
It performs geometric transformations on the images as well, including rotations, flips, and scales where needed. This program also supports a large number of images and works with them at the same time, but this becomes a bit limited, depending on the device's memory.
Extensive Format Support
ImagesSXM is popular in the scientific industry because it allows detailed examination for multiple formats. This program allows formats included but not limited to NT-MDT, DME Rasterscope/Surface Data File, Oxford Instruments TOPSystem, ThermoMicroscopes, LEO SEM, Klocke Nanotechnik Atomikro, JEOL JSM/WinSem/WinSPM, Zeiss LSM, WA Technology, Vacuum Generators SAM, Omicron SCALA, JPK Instruments, TopoMetrix SPMLab, Burleigh Instruments, Philips SEM, Nanotec Electronica WSxM, Gatan DigitalMicrograph, Leica TCS, RHK Technology SPM-32, Noran Instruments Vantage, Unisoku, Park Scientific Instruments HFS-LIF/HDF, Quesant Instruments, Digital Instruments NanoScope II/III/IV, Seiko Instruments (SIINT) SPI, and Molecular Imaging PicoScan.
Additionally, it also supports files that do not fall under the SXM category, such as SBIG CCD, Omicron SPA-LEED, UBM, PDF, BMP, AVI, FITS, Philips APD, SiM-Camera, Bio-Rad, PDSS, Wyko OPD, Targa TGA, and SPEC. This makes it exceedingly easy for users to access the benefits of ImageSXM, save for a few rare and incompatible formats.
ImageSXM is a free version of a very popular public domain digital tool and has seen constant changes and improvements since 1997. The latest addition was applied in 2021, and more are in the works. Overall, it is a reliable and effective tool for examining microscopic images, and crucial for the scientific industry.

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